Weekend in Ventnor City

27 08 2007

Pawel, Will, Maureen, Ruth Ann’s eye, Vikas
McMaster Carr cronies Will, Pawel, and I went “down the shore” this past weekend to Ventnor City. Will’s sister Maureen (along with her partner in crime Ruth Ann) was not only the most gracious host, but also made certain we always had drinks in hand. Friday night we had dinner with the Freund family and then it was then on to MurMur – where the hair gel was plentiful and the cleavage was in full bloom. Seriously, under the veil of fog machine smoke every meathead was executing the crotch-against-the-heinie dance move. And…I applaud their efforts. Needless to say, we danced our pants off and got crizz-unked (perhaps the other way round). The last picture of the evening, taken at 4:46, was a shot of us around the dining table playing asshole – jeeez. Saturday was a glorious beach day and we rented surfboards and a kayak and played outside all day long. It’s a shame I didn’t get any pictures of Ruth Ann getting endlessly pummeled in the kayak – though she took it like a champ and only suffered minor bruises to her ego. Saturday night we went out to a scrumptious dinner at Dune in Margate, watched Talladega Nights, and passed out.

Thanks for having us Maureen. You rock.
More pics




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