Merrymaking with the Brits

14 09 2007

Sammi, one of my dearest friends from study abroad in Copenhagen was in town this week celebrating her brother’s birthday. Mama and Papa Thorne were also part of the antics as was boyfriend Luke, and friend Kate. The itinerary for Paul’s birthday included:

  1. Pre-dinner brews at Zum Schneider
  2. Dinner at Lavagna (order the rigatoni)
  3. Calvin Harris show at Mercury Lounge. CH had the crowd dancing and singing throughout the 45 minute set. The Scottish electro-wumderkind’s onstage antics included steady drinking, fist pumping, and playing with knobs (friggin electronic DJs).
  4. We were planning on going to 200 orchard or Sing Sing, but the Brits had made friends at 515 (Frat Central) earlier in the week. So, we ended up there and closed out the evening with a bottle of champagne.

Sammi, great to see you and the fam. I need to make it over to London asap.
Luke the boyfriend, Kate, and I at Lavagna:

Gary and Marion are the coolest couple ever
Gary and Marion

Sammi leading the charge to Mercury Lounge.
En route to Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris @ Mercury Lounge
Calvin Harris at Mercury Lounge

The Birthday Boy, Luke the Boyfriend, and Rohit (a.k.a. Matador – HAHA)
Paul, Luke, and Rohit at Calvin Harris

Kate and I merrymaking at Mercury Lounge:
Merrymaking at our place

The Thornes picked up some day laborers while in New York:
Shows over…let’s get more drinks




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