Supreme Sundays

22 09 2007

Friends, Acquaintances, Lovers,

Let’s not lament the loss of summer, but rather, embrace the potential for greatness this fall. We’ll help you get started this Sunday in Williamsburg. Join us for the inaugural Supreme Trading BBQ. The reasons are endless:

  1. It’s Sharon’s birthday. She is cooler than you, better looking than you, and can beat you in a dance-off. But she’s also nicer than you and wants you to join her in merriment.
  2. It’s my first ‘official’ gig and the start of my residency at Supreme Trading. Translation…sweaty dance party. Jad – if you ask me to play Journey, I’ll cut you.
  3. The weather couldn’t be better and we’re grilling…in a garden…at a bar! Need I say more?
  4. Saturday night is always lame anyway.

Supreme Trading is located at:
213 N. 8th Street (Between Driggs and Roebling)
Williamsburg, BKNY

Food should be ready by 7:00
I’ll stumble over to the DJ booth at 9:30
You will proceed to dance your pants off




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