All My Friends

10 10 2007

” You spent the first five years trying to get with the plan
And the next five years trying to be with your friends again”

Fall has kicked off with unprecedented revelry. Thinking back upon the weekend – pre-gaming with the girls of 7E, seeing indulging in Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem at Randalls Island, DJing at Supreme Trading – these lyrics remain in my mind. I graduated in 2002, so these lyrics strike a particular chord. As of late, many of my friends have also been seeking out more companionship. And as a result, I find myself meeting more people, attending interesting events and being a part of many impromptu gatherings. And the momentum is not letting up. Is it that we’re in our mid-twenties, single, and unfulfilled? Hopefully, it is that we are now appreciating those in our lives as we should.

Anyway, back to the the weekend. Their praise is ubiquitous now days, but Arcade Fire really does emit a relentless amount of emotion that touches your soul. Especially the songs off Neon Bible. Matt from Fluxblog said it rather well. “You simply cannot meet their music halfway, and you can’t be skeptical of the band’s motivations. You either submit to it and take what it has to give you, or you just get a big noise.” I’m bummed it was the last time I’ll see them for a while. They mentioned a few times that they were taking some time off. I missed their second encore in which they covered Violent Femmes. Here it is via BV.

And some songs:

LCD Soundsystem – All my friends

LCD Soundsystem – New York I love you

Arcade Fire – Intervention




One response

15 10 2007

You know, it looks like that 2nd encore took place in front of the FERRY TENT! Serves us right for being so smug in our making it onto the first ferry. Ha, we were all, “Could you IMAGINE if we didn’t make this boat and had to WAIT for the NEXT ONE!?” Yeah, I can imagine. And it would have involved a life-changing Arcade Fire experience! Le sigh. xx

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