Halloween 2007 = multiple costume changes

9 11 2007

Though my Halloween wasn’t as crazy as past years, it remained eventful. My day began at a seedy boxing gym in Brooklyn upon the request of my buddy Jeff – one of the guys at Waverly Films. He was shooting a commercial for the new XBox wrestling game with a hilarious cast of characters and I played the referee/DJ in the commercial. Later on that evening I met up with Danielle and her flock of fairies, changed into costume, and walked crosstown to the west village for Ruth Ann’s party. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves:

Ian Springer reviews the lyrics to the rap prior to shooting


White T + Duct Tape = Ghetto Referee/DJ


Jeff Kaplan sets up the shot


Decks in the ring


Jen adds the finishing touches – admire the glorious mullet.



and that’s a wrap


Fast forward a couple hours and witness costume prep for Michael Vick-as. Step #1: find cute little toy puppies. Step #2: Cut off appendage of choice, add bandages, and expose some innards (cotton).


Step #3: Put together Football Uniform. Since all Michael Vick jerseys have been pulled from stock, get creative with some spray paint. This also happens to be a much cheaper alternative. Purchase shoulder pads and the smallest (waist 28) stretchy pants available at Modell’s.

Step #4. Tie the beanie babies (puppies) to said uniform and…ka-blamo…you’re ready to offend the masses.



Our trek from 1st and 9th to the West Village took over an hour so I stopped and made friends along the way. With hilarious irony, all the dogs played with the beanies attached to my waste. Despite my failed attempts at seeking affection, this was not done by design.


We finally arrived at Ruth Ann’s (Goldie’s) apartment where the fridge was stocked and the beer pong was cut-throat.







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