All your pork and beans are belong to us!

27 05 2008

Last Friday when I DJ’d at The Skinny, I played Weezer’s new single ‘Pork and Beans.’  Only today did I see the video, which pays homage to some of the most famous/notorious internet memes.  References include the Daft Hands/Bodies, Chris Crocker a.k.a. Britney Fan Crying, Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”, T-Shirt Guinness World Record, Ninja flip gone bad, Numa Numa Guy, and others.

I love seeing major artists using media in a thoughtful and relevant manner.  If nothing else, I think Weezer has taught us when all else fails, you can always rely on pop-culture references to spread a message.  Considering all the music blogs I follow, it’s funny that I saw the video on Chris Brogan’s Social Media Blog.  Chris always has his finger on the pulse and if you have any interest in social media, building community for your site, or finding better ways to collaborate, his site is a must-read.




2 responses

27 05 2008

Weekends are fun at my site. We get all crazy. : )

3 06 2008

Can you post more mixes? I’ve listed to all of them at least three times.

A big fan…

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